Dear Friends and Supporters,

   We here at Bravo hope you have all been doing well during this unique time. April 2020 was the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Bravo, and we would not be here without your continued support. It was with deep sadness that we had to cancel our Anniversary Gala. But, the health and safety of our patrons and supporters was of the utmost importance. We enthusiastically look forward to celebrating with you soon!

   We miss seeing you and sharing our love of music. So, until we can see each other again, we have been busy creating ways to continue sharing music virtually. Bravo has proudly launched our own YouTube channel.

 If you are unfamiliar with YouTube, go to   sign in and in the search box enter:
 Bravo Alliance of Performing Artists

   We post highlight videos from our 10 years of past performances every week in our series “Tutti Tuesday”. Please be sure to check it out and subscribe to our channel so that you won’t miss any new videos. We have also been sharing these videos on our Facebook page, Bravo Alliance of Performing Artists.

   Please “like” our page to enjoy all the videos, we have posted on YouTube. It is a wonderful way to continue to celebrate the music that Bravo artists have created. By “sharing” our videos with your friends and family, you will be an instrumental part of celebrating Bravo and bringing the joy of music to a wider audience.

   Bravo is considering our very first LIVESTREAM concert. The exciting and innovative concert will feature Broadway Classics and will be presented by our very own soprano, Justyna Giermola and James Michael, baritone. More details will be announced soon, including how you can access this concert that will be exclusively online. So, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

   It is with great optimism that we look forward to 2021. We are planning on the following live concerts beginning in July:

   “Verdi vs. Puccini: A battle of the Greats”

   An informative and fun competition, in concert form, of Italian opera’s two most influential composers. The audience gets to choose their “winner” at the end. Justyna Giermola, soprano - team Puccini Mark Cotton, baritone - team Verdi

   “The Piano, a Reflection of Progress"
  This exciting concert featuring our Music Director, David Maiullo will illustrate how music evolved as the piano evolved and how various composers forced the evolution of the instrument with their progressive composition styles.

   Until we will see each other again, take a moment to enjoy and share the music we have created. May you all stay healthy and safe while I leave you with one last thought:

   “When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe.” Henry David Thoreau

   Yours truly,
  Joanne Williams, President

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