What We Offer

The BRAVO Alliance of Performing Artists offers and supports programming featuring works from musical theater, classical music, opera, and international ethnic music. BRAVO is deeply committed to encouraging a higher appreciation for these genres by all ages and ensuring their endurance.

Under the guidance of its esteemed Music Director, David Maiullo, BRAVO's performing artists transform each genre through their superb technique and ability. Audiences hear pieces sung and played the way they were meant to be performed. BRAVO also invites listeners to learn about music at a greater level. During most presentations Mr. Maiullo teaches about composers, time periods, geographical regions, and other relevant history and details related to the pieces being performed. BRAVO firmly believes this added educational component is fundamental to providing the most genuine entertainment experience.

BRAVO is additionally devoted to the professional development of its performing artists. BRAVO artists receive invaluable coaching and mentoring, as well as performance opportunities that enhance their musical talents.

BRAVO offers several performances each season in the New Jersey and New York City areas.

We look forward to sharing our mission with you!

Mission Statement

BRAVO promotes sustained growth of the performing arts by creating meaningful opportunities for performing artists to share their gifts more fully. By collaborating with fellow performing arts entities in New Jersey and the New York City Metropolitan Area, BRAVO organizes, sponsors, and presents professional-caliber concerts, productions, and related events that feature Bravo’s selected artists.

Bravo aims to (i) educate the artists on all aspects of performance, genre, and productions; (ii) expand their repertoires; (iii) connect the artists with more established and experienced performers; (iv) offer the artists increased exposure to the performing arts world; and (v) expand the availability of quality performing arts experiences for audiences of all ages.